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Best of the week!

2010-09-09 00:57:59 by Oso09

Holy crap, I never thought it would happen! Thank you everyone for making Guitar Practice one of the best audio submissions of the week! Expect more submissions during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Unfortunately I had to leave my interface back at home while I headed off to college. But don't think that I've put aside writing new material! Look forward to hearing more. I know I am!

Logic Pro!

2010-07-06 12:14:10 by Oso09

I finally have it! I finally got Logic Pro! No more crappy recordings with the built in mic in Garageband. I have everything I need to make a legitimate recording; mics, audio interface, new laptop, and Logic Pro! Now, all I need to do is get off of my lazy ass and, if we're lucky, the new songs will come rolling in!

Back at it again!

2010-05-25 15:31:54 by Oso09

Ahh, it's been a while, but after a long break I'm back at the drawing board, halfway done with my newest drawing, "Pool Shark". It'll be done the same way I did Scarface; black gel pan and a sharpie. You should see it in the art portal as soon as it's finished!


Almost ready!!!

2009-05-09 10:01:22 by Oso09

Well, Your Future's Waiting is finally finished, lyrics and all! Though there have been a lot of changes since the instrumental entry I submitted back in March, but I'll let you find them out on your own.

Now all that's left for me to do is to get it recorded at my uncle's house. And I can assure you better qualtiy, since hes got his own freaking studio in his basement. Then after that, I need to get it copyrighted because my family is refusing me to submit it to NG without it....sorry. ^^,

Oh, and just in case anyone wanted to know, after nearly two months in the hospital, My mom is finally home, and much better! She's going to start chemo on Monday.

Thank you to everyone for all your support!